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How the snake works on Facebook

?How the snake works on Facebook
This trick you first install this application and open it
Install the application from here

कैसे सर्प फेसबुक पर काम करता है यह चाल आप पहले इस एप्लिकेशन को स्थापित करते हैं और इसे खोलते हैं

यहां से एप्लिकेशन इंस्टॉल करें

How do I create video Good adds up on Facebook?

- How do I create video   #Good_adds_up on Facebook?

Create a video instead of personal image || How do I add a profile video or edit it?

You can shoot or import a video of up to 7 seconds for use as a profile video. Profile videos appear at the top of your profile, such as a profile picture. You can currently add a profile video only from an iPhone or Android phone.

New ways to view video on Facebook

People watch and share more video on Facebook than ever before, and we focus on continuously improving the video experience. Today we are excited to share several updates that make Facebook video more streamlined, more attractive and more flexible.

A new property from Facebook to prevent suicides

Facebook is in a unique position thanks to friendships on the site to help connect a person in distress with people who can support them. This is part of our ongoing efforts to help build a safe community on Facebook and off Facebook.

The NASA telescope reveals the largest batch of planets the size of the earth and the habitable area around a star

The NASA telescope reveals the largest batch of planets the size of the earth and the habitable area around a star

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope revealed the first known system of seven Earth-wing planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the living area, the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is more likely to have liquid water.

Champions League Final

Champions League Final

Valentines Day Cards Free

Valentines Day Cards They're more than simply glossy and ornamental pieces of paper - they're a window to the very soul of these which have been dented by playful Cupid's arrows.

How do you get on Valentine's Day cards in Facebook and Messenger

How can I get on Valentine's Day cards on Facebook and Messenger

How to make my birthday video on facebook

The birthday video will only be shown once at the top of your news section. If you do not share the birthday video, you will not see it again in the news section.

Facebook presents Valentine's Day cards to spread love

Facebook has made something of a tradition of adding new vacation features. It's February, of course, that means Valentine's Day is over.

How do I share a memory on facebook? Watch your memories of the day

How do you create video friends day on Facebook?

How do you create video Happy Friends Day ?

Change your profile picture to support a sports team

Change your profile.

There are no conditions for that Can frame your favorite sports team selection, there are a lot of global sports teams and European and Asian lots Open a Facebook page dedicated to add a frame to the image of your personal account "The link to change the bottom of this article"

This is a list of topics and teams subsidized 60 subject