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Champions League Final

Champions League Final

Champions League Final

The debate would normally revolve around the original large 3 leagues, Serie A, La Liga as well as the Premiership, indeed only among the last 15 finals of Europe's Premier Club opposition hasn't contained a side from those countries. Despite Italy's World Cup success in the summertime, Serie A has undoubtedly had a significant problem with its picture recently after the match fixing scandal as well as relegation of winners Juventus, so with regards to quality the league now lacks what the Premiership as well as La Liga have in wealth. It seems increasingly likely that this season may see a two horse race between Roma as well as Inter as other large teams have been docked points or relegated. 

This, nevertheless makes the league a lot more open, with clubs like Palermo, Livorno, Catania as well as Empoli all harbouring practical aspirations of UEFA Champions League qualification. Goals also have flown in Serie A over the previous couple of seasons -formerly tagged with the catenaccio tag, Italy now much more average goals that both la Liga or the Premiership. In prior seasons when the Premiership outscored its opponents, English loyalists would say that though British teams were found wanting in Europe, the show at home was better to observe. Now success in Europe is a practical objective for English sides - in the previous two seasons Liverpool have completed 5th in the league and won the UEFA Champions League, and Arsenal finished 4th in the league and nevertheless managed to achieve the UEFA Champions League final

Struggling Premiership side Middlesbrough likewise managed to get to the final of the UEFA Cup. This success on the large stage has come in a big price for the standard of football in the Premiership itself. The Premeirship this season has averaged less goals than Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands as well as even the French League. Even though the defending in England top flight has become better than Italy and Spain, the increase of negatitive tactics really are a blight on the domestic game. Of the 20 Premiership clubs, only a number of teams really play open targeting football and the utilization of a defensive 4-5-1 defense is now widespread. The first objective in Premiership games is crucial and several managers put down not to be beaten in several games as survival in the league provides such large monetary rewards. Last season Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League and Seville won the UEFA Cup by playing good football.


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