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The inhabitants of an isolated tribe kill anyone approaching their island

An American tourist died on Friday after the island of Andaman and Nicobar landed on it with arches and arrows from all directions. This is the reaction of the North Sentinel tribe to whoever set foot on its land.

The 27-year-old John Shaw was killed on Oct. 16 shortly after arriving on the island, about 50 km west of India's port city of Port Blair, the French magazine L'Unovel Observateur reported.
India has banned access to this island for more than five kilometers because it has noted for decades that all those who tried to communicate with the North Sentinel tribe (meaning Sentinel Sentinel) paid their lives for it.

"Shao paid some of the Indian fishermen who took him to the island's shore and fled," said fishermen, who watched the scene from a distance. The locals surrounded Shaw and kept throwing him with arrows. He continued to walk until he fell down and then tied a rope around his neck and pulled his body.

On the following day, hunters found Shaw's body on the shore of this island, where people live like a man lived 150,000 years ago, according to The Independent newspaper.

The government, through several campaigns during the 1970s and 1980s, tried to communicate with Sentinel, but failed, and decided in the 1990s to abandon those attempts entirely.

The rare information available about the tribe of the "guards" was collected by Indian adventurer and explorer Trilokinet Pandit, who after 30 years of trying to enter the island in 1991.

"We do not know why the tribesmen suddenly decided to put their weapons," Pandit told the Independent, adding that his team had taken off clothes and glasses and then managed to communicate directly with the tribe.
The Indian adventurer adds that his mission has only confirmed that these local people are not cannibals as they have been in mythology.

It is estimated that 150 people live on this 72-square-kilometer island.

Their news spread around the world after Indian authorities published strange images of the island's residents in 2004 after the tsunami struck the region. India sent a helicopter to inspect their condition, but they only turned their arrows and had to move away.

Survival International has described the "guards" as the most fragile of the Earth's communities, warning that they are more vulnerable to disease and extermination due to epidemics such as influenza or measles that their visitors can bring to them.

Source: French Press


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