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Valentines Day Cards Free

Valentines Day Cards

They're more than simply glossy and ornamental pieces of paper - they're a window to the very soul of these which have been dented by playful Cupid's arrows.

Within their depths lie a myriad trembling emotions and trembling hopes. Next to Christmas, Valentine's Day is the biggest revenue grosser for producers with regards to cards. Every year, love struck Britons spend around 503m UK pounds on cards, flowers, chocolates along with other presents for Valentine's Day. World statistics uncover that a minimum of a million cards are sent each year on Valentine's Day, placing it only behind Christmas as the second most important card giving occasion. 

Do you know just how a custom of giving Valentine's cards arrived to being? As with the festival itself, even this custom is shrouded in mystique.

 According to one belief, the custom started with Saint Valentine, the patron saint himself, when he was imprisoned by the Ancient Rome Emperor Claudius in the 3rd century A.D. Saint Valentine used to pass notes to the jailor's daughter and one of them was signed as Your Valentine'. Another story suggests that kids used to pass notes on Valentine's Day when he was imprisoned and continued to do so even with his delivery. 

In the fourteenth century, Geoffrey Chaucer introduced the concept of love and romance in what have been till then the rather sombre Christian feast day. 

After the floodgates have been opened, there is no stopping. By the eighteenth century, exchanging presents and made by hand romantic cards to mark Valentine's Day had become remarkably popular in England. Traditional symbols of lace, hearts, doves, red roses and Cupids started appears on the cards being exchanged between young lovers. In 1797, a British publisher came out with a diary titled, The Young Man's Valentine Writer, filled with hundreds of ready made emotional verses for all those who wanted that ideal verse to seize the heart and attention of their beloved.

Till, the late nineteenth century, cards were being made mainly in England. 

Love is infectious. The custom of giving cards on Valentine's Day soon spread to America as well. In the 1850 s, young Esther A. Howland, an American woman of Worcester, Massachusetts, hit upon the idea of mass producing conventional Valentine's Day cards. 

Along with her brother and 3 buddies, she started shipping stunning hand made Valentine's Day cards all throughout the country. These readymade satin o pizzo embellished cards, with intimate messages printed on them, were a big and instant success.

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