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New ways to view video on Facebook

People watch and share more video on Facebook than ever before, and we focus on continuously improving the video experience. Today we are excited to share several updates that make Facebook video more streamlined, more attractive and more flexible.


Bring sound to videos in news feeds

Videos in News Feed have previously played silently you tap a video to hear the sound. As people watch more videos on phones, they have come to expect a sound when the volume on their device is turned on. After testing the sound in News Feed and hearing positive feedback, we are slowly extending it to more people. With this update, the sound fades and disappears as you scroll through 

videos in the news feed, which brings these videos to life.

Follow and scroll

We know that sometimes you want to watch a video and also want to scroll through your news feed. It is now possible to minimize the video you are watching in an image view in the image that continues to play in the corner of the screen when you browse other stories in the news feed. You can drag the video to any corner of the screen, and if you use an Android device, you can keep the video playing even when you leave the Facebook application to do something else on your phone.

Vertical Video

We have also made changes to make vertical videos more effective on mobile devices. Last year we began to test a wider overview of vertical videos in News Feed on mobile. People have responded positively, so a larger format is now available for everyone watching videos on iOS and Android.


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