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How do I create video Say thanks in Facebook?

You can create a video of thanks and gratitude for your friend on Facebook and you can choose one of the available templates, a three templates (family 👪 - friends 👭 - old friends 👬)

To create a video:

  1. 🔗 Go to link Here
  2. 🙋 Click on a friend’s name
  3. 📰Choose a theme (ex: Friends, Old Friends, Family)
  4. 📷 Choose photos and posts to include in your video
  5. 📲 Click Share Video
  6. 👀Select the audience for your video and then tap Post Video

Keep in mind that you’ll have to include at least five photos or posts in your video. Both you and your friend will get a notification that lets you watch the video.

You can customize your video and selecting photos from your computer or your account
You can also choose which publications will be displayed in your video


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