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How do you choose lottery numbers?

There are a lot of people living in the obsession with a quick profit, and how he became a millionaire soon? 

How to shorten the distance. How to become a far Iaochuat who are trying to work through the difficulties? Are things and ideas occupy the minds of many, especially with the grand prizes being advertised daily on television, newspapers, and even when you want to open a web site, a small window Tbadrick, to tell you to participate with us, and try, you way to become a millionaire, and actually, this obsession , which owns many is justified, as we mentioned earlier, and became the value of the awards is very huge, enough so the winner of the remainder of the old, but is it a certain way for a person to get closer to the lottery numbers?, or registered by the winner and the winner, is a way to predict or guess the lottery winning numbers, I 'll try now to try with you, you may will be the winners, with a note that this article is not to say that up to lottery numbers by 100%, but trying to get to the nearest percentage.

 Guess predicted and choosing lottery numbers?

1 The first method:
This method is based on a previous study of the evidence with the involvement of the private intuition SIMs in the lottery. 

 1. See previous lottery tables, try to check in the winner from those previous periods figures (usually can be found within the websites of companies lottery), and work on scheduling these figures within a structured scheme, and things that might help you in this matter if the you have to know the program or office Excel (office Excel), and try to work to collect the largest amount of data and information that would be helpful in this research that you do, with a note that this information is specific to a certain lottery only one not to be confused with the more than one type of them

 2. Try to choose the figures that guarantee you a lot of possibilities Ainaa on the table that you organized, but this process two ways:
 - You have to notice the numbers that are repeated within the winning numbers a lot, and try not to be dragged behind those numbers that are repeated too often, these options may shares with other people, by virtue of the exercise of a way to mobilize the lottery numbers, and thus participate in a prize in the event of winning. Try to choose the numbers have been selected previously withdrawn less way again, and must rely in this way on the strength of your intuition strategy, but a measured way, and not lucky in a way, that is, you build this intuition depending on the figures contained in the scheme, the advantage of this method depends on your intuition with your studies of Arqam in the table and are therefore only belong to you, which means that if he won the prize will be yours alone will not be the one who shares .

2 The second way: 
These are called the way the Delta system (signifier Greek symbols which form a triangle):

 1. choose your numbers of figures 1_ 50, taking into account that the upper limit of the lottery it shares is the same figures (1-50) as well as , you can not limit your numbers among the youngest of the circle to which you subscribe or circle size, but must be at the match.

 2. Try to choose some small figures. If you are optimistic about the small number k (1- 3) there is no reason not selected, and sometimes includes a numeric consecutive, winner of the figures may include double-digit consecutive months but is not a requirement to win, preferably to Oukmt Eachttiar digit between the numbers (1 _8), but suppose you choose numbers (2_4), and then choose the number is very close to the number (8), but higher than suppose your choice of No. 9, and then choose two digits of the numbers between (8_16) and move you I chose (12 _16), type the number of your choice (1 _ 2 _ 4 _ 9 _12_ 16) and this figure will be considered for you Delta number.

 3. the process of mixing the number of your choice to become, for example, (9 _ 4_ 12 _1 _ 16 _ 2), to become this figure figure Delta II Thy, and if you collect this number shall be a total of 44, and here we must note that you must always be total less 50. 

4. Gather your numbers succession in a manner and record each number separately collected becomes the new number, which you will use in the lottery (2 _ 18 _ 19 _ 31 _ 35 _ 44).

3 The third way:
a method based on faith Bhzk and your faith in numbers that rotates within Falakk, and share your life, perhaps you have the powers that make the profit is yours, especially with the amount of accidents that occurred with others depending on the figures were distinctive in their lives, and these figures may be figures of Christmas, a feast Milak, or wife, or parent, Toteflk, and these figures are based on Arqam phones that acquired, which were distinctive to you and has brought good luck in some cases, it may be just numbers recur with you on many occasions that they become common in .ua taking into account figures, which is when many of the figures fortune figures as the number seven, and the number 4, and the number 13.


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