Sunday, February 5, 2017

How do I share a memory on facebook? Watch your memories of the day

You can share a memory of your news feed or
Note that you may not be able to share a memento if the sharing option is not activated for the original content or if the memento can not be shared (for example, other posts in your biography).

To share a memory:

  ⇨ Click Share at the bottom of memories you want to share.
  ⇨ Click In your biography on top and then choose how you want to share the memory:
  • In your own biography
  • In biographies of friends
  • In groups
  • On a page you manage
  • In a private message

   ⇨ If you want, add a message or update. In the case of publications you can also:

  •  Tag friends
  •  Add a location
  • Add what you are doing or how you feel
  • Choose an audience
    ⇨ Click Share .

Note that, when you share a memory, you can choose the public who can see it. Anyone who is in the original public of the publication will be able to see your memories. If you're sharing a memory that you originally published it , you can change the public of the original publication.

Watch your memories of the day